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Bark Sweden smartphone cases made of Swedish waste wood


In the fall of 2018, the idea for the company Bark Sweden emerged; to create a useful product made in Sweden from environmentally friendly and local material. In 2020, the couple Frida and Richard Lilliestråle started serious experiments to make shockproof phone cases made of wood in Richard's father's factory premises in Spånga. The previous manufacturing taken place in the building had decreased and thus made way for an investment in  BARK. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the factory premises; from piece of wood to finished case. Each case is processed with milling technology from solid wood with reinforced edges with crossed grains. A patent application is pending on the technology we have developed. 

To get to where we are today, we have had to work through many so-called "childhood illnesses" and through careful testing have created a product that is appreciated by thousands of customers. 

Mobile cases from Bark are sustainable both for our earth and your phone.

In the spring of 2023, Bark Sweden won first prize at the Formex fair: Best in Show.

We will continue to challenge the market and develop new products that replace plastic with wood.

Swedish waste wood is turned into durable mobile phone cases
Smartphone cases made of 100% recycled wood made in Sweden

Thanks to cooperation with local arborists, we get access to a usually unused resource. Take a look at our film where we describe the whole process.

Bark Sweden
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