Bark Sweden smartphone cases made of Swedish waste wood


In 2020, the couple Frida and Richard Lilliestråle began to seriously experiment with making shock-resistant wooden mobile cases in Richard's father's factory premises in Spånga. The original production in the premises had reduced and thus gave way to an investment in the Bark brand. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the factory premises; from piece of wood to finished shell. Each shell is machined from solid wood with milling technology with reinforced edges of crossed timber. A patent application has been filed on the technology we have developed. Bark mobile cases must be durable for both our soil and your phone.

Svensk spillved blir till hållbara mobilskal
Smartphone cases made of 100% recycled wood made in Sweden

Thanks to cooperation with local arborists, we get access to a usually unused resource. Take a look at our film where we describe the whole process.

Bark Sweden
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