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Durable Swedish mobile phone cases made of 100% wood


Our cases are about as hard as a hard plastic case. Wood is a material that can vary in strength, not only between different types of wood but also depending on where the trunk it comes from. We examine the hardness of the pieces from which we make the case. Should the case break, it may be that the wood came from a piece that was more sensitive than usual. Cracks in the case can easily be repaired with ordinary white wood glue, read more under care advice. However, if your case has been broken within a period of eight weeks and you think it was made from a week piece that is more sensitive than it should be, we will replace your case. We will send you a new case with stamps in the mail package so that you can send back your old case for analysis.


Be careful when putting on and removing your case. Insert the left side of your phone into the case and gently press on the right side. When removing your case, press your thumb through the camera hole while holding the top edge of the case with the rest of your fingers. With the other hand, press your thumb on the phone at the cutout for the buttons (next to the camera) while holding the side of the case with the rest of the fingers.



During the summer, there may be several days of continuous rain. Then the humidity can rise up to 100%. During these peaks of humidity the wood in your case can expand. Our cases are designed to take care of this expansion, which mainly occurs on the width, but in rare cases a minimal and temporary gap may occur. This gap disappears when the weather stabilises and the humidity drops. Should it be perceived as disturbing, it is possible to attach a layer of tape to the edge of the phone during these rainy days. In this way, the gap disappears.


If you want to return your case, you can do this and get your money back. Send it back in the same package to our company address as you will find below. Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to offer free postage. (Use normal stamps and send it as letter). We will make the refund when the case has reached us. We prefer that a return takes place within 4 weeks after you receive your delivery.

thin and durable mobile phone cases made of wood
Swedish smart phone cases in 100% wood


The surface of the case is made with a few layers of hard wax oil. The treatment protects against discoloration and creates luster and a protective surface. The products we use are harmless and are also used on toys.


The case can be kept clean with a slightly damp cloth, for worse stains you can use soft soap. Do not use too much water as wood absorbs moisture. After long use, abrasion can occur and the surface can be affected, you can then polish with sandpaper and apply hard wax oil (matt or clear) if you want to regain the original surface.


If a crack should occur in the case, it is easy to glue it together again. This can happen, for example, in the event of strong impact to the floor. We recommend using white wood glue. Get the glue in so it fills the crack and wipe off excess glue on the outside of the case, then press and let it dry. The case will be like new again. 


As the cases are only 2.5 mm thick and made of 100% wood, they work to charge on a charging plate, Qi charging.

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